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Σε αυτή την κατηγορία υπάρχουν 6 καταχωρίσεις.
Déjà Vu X Déjà Vu X Προτεινόμενο
Déjà Vu is the most powerful and customizable CAT system. Combining state-of-the-art TM technology with EBMT techniques, Déjà Vu provides an unmatched breakthrough in productivity and consiste ...
The across Personal Edition is the stand-alone version of across and has been designed for either freelance users or those individually responsible for localization tasks within companies.
There is no other tool which combines low price and professional features in the way MetaTexis does. MetaTexis combines fast, innovative and powerful functions with a low price: You only have to pay a little more than 10 ...
SDL Trados
The creation of new, high-quality translated material has never been easier. SDL Trados 2006 offers the best of both worlds, with the choice of Trados Translators Workbench, Tag Editor and SDLX editing environments. It i ...
Transit XV
The only way for global players to achieve international success is to adapt the design, functionality, and packaging of products to a specific market. This is usually termed localization. Ultimate success is also depend ...
Wordfast is a Translation Memory engine available for Microsoft Word on PC and Mac (see specifications or supported platforms).
Wordfast offers a transparent, open ...