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Déjà Vu X

Déjà Vu is the most powerful and customizable CAT system. Combining state-of-the-art TM technology with EBMT techniques, Déjà Vu provides an unmatched breakthrough in productivity and consistency, whether you are an in-house translation department, a translation solution provider, or a freelance translator.

However, Déjà Vu X is not just a TM tool. It is a full-featured, integrated translation environment with many additional translation and project management features that radically increase productivity and consistency. Whatever file formats you work with, Déjà Vu X presents a uniform interface, displaying only translatable text and protecting any coding information. So there's no need to worry about overwriting formatting and layout information, or to buy and learn a number of different DTP and software development tools.

And Déjà Vu X is customized for each user group: the high-powered Workgroup edition for corporations and translation service providers; and the sophisticated Professional and Standard editions for freelance translators.